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Timecraft docs

What is Timecraft?

Timecraft is an application runtime designed to build and run production grade distributed systems. The runtime is at the core of the Stealth Rocket platform. With Timecraft, you can compose and run resilient distributed systems, lower the overall platform complexity and build the next generation of products.

Timecraft leverages WebAssembly as an userland kernel to introspect and record the execution of your applications. With those records, Timecraft provide advanced debugging mechanisms but also high-level primitives to help developers focus on their applications logic.


We are preparing the Timecraft public roadmap and will be publish it soon on Github. Stay tuned!


Install Timecraft and run your first application locally.

go install

Compile your application to WebAssembly and run it:

timecraft run app.wasm

Timecraft will run and record the execution of your application. The first log line will be the unique ID of the Log:


Replay, trace or profile the execution:

timecraft replay cd0b69bb-3706-407e-9159-e1368e7bf774

timecraft trace cd0b69bb-3706-407e-9159-e1368e7bf774

timecraft profile cd0b69bb-3706-407e-9159-e1368e7bf774

Next, start building resiliant application using the built-in decentralized orchestrator.


For more details, check out our Getting Started guide.


Come join the Timecraft community! We are happy to help and hear about your use cases.

  • Github issues: Open an issue to discuss about challenges or technical details
  • Discord: Join us on Discord!
  • Twitter: Follow us and Twitter. We regularly post updates about what we are cooking!
  • Check our website. We, Stealth Rocket, are building the next gen distributed systems platform!